Fees & Payment Information

Fees & Payment Information

Anaesthetic Fees

How your anaesthetic fee is calculated.

Anaesthesia fees can vary even for the same surgical procedure. Generally your fee is calculated on the specific operation you are having, your general medical health and the time it takes for your surgery. There may be an additional charge for pre-operative consultations prior to surgery. Our fees are guided by the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists. Some policies will cover our fee in full and others will only cover part of the charge. You will need to check your policy for details. If you have any queries regarding this our friendly staff will be more than willing to help. Answering your queries may need some consultation with your anaesthetist so please be patient (pun not intended).

ACC and Affiliated Provider Services

If you are having surgery covered by The Accident Compensation Corporation  (ACC) or under an affiliated provider scheme you will not be given an anaesthetic bill. Should you receive a bill please contact us to clarify the situation.

Prescription Fees

Specialist Fees

You will pay prescription charges on any medications you are given postoperatively. Your anaesthetist will only prescribe drugs that they feel are necessary for a comfortable recovery. In most cases there will be the usual specialist  fee of $15 per item and any part charges for non fully subsidised medications. Some policies will reimburse you for these costs but please check your policy for details. If you have concerns about the expense of any medications please let your anaesthetist know before surgery.

Special authority medications

As you are having surgery you may require medications that are only fully subsidised under certain conditions. If you do not meet the specific criteria but may benefit from these medications you may be asked to pay an additional fee. These medications include certain pain relief and blood thinning medications. Again if you have any concerns about the cost let your anaesthetist know.